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01.03 QAD Adaptive ERP
QAD Adaptive ERP

Adaptive ERP QAD is more than just software, it combines industry best practices, a flexible platform, an adaptable user experience (UX), with advanced technology features to enable digital transformation.


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Effective Business Management

Reliable yet flexible core data and processes that ensure that decision makers have access to business and value chain insights.

Digital Manufacturing

Technology in all production activities that intelligently connects production with the rest of the business.

Complete Customer Management

Customer visibility and collaboration, in real time, to better respond, meet and exceed expectations and satisfaction.

Integrated Supplier Management

Exchange information in real time with partner suppliers to better respond to market volatility and changes in customer requirements.

Integrated Supplier Management

Comprehensive visibility and a shared vision across the company and production, suppliers, customers, outsourcing and other business partners.


✓Built on the QAD Enterprise platform, the QAD Adaptive ERP facilitates the development and maintenance of the last mile functionality that offers manufacturers a competitive advantage.

✓ Extensions and new applications can be created in a low code / no code environment and, unlike intrusive customizations, they do not create rigidity that interferes with updates. This modular approach makes updates smaller, faster and easier.

✓ An embedded analysis provides decision makers with real action data available based on variable data and a specific changing scenario.


✓ Continuous improvement projects focused on a limited number of processes where the highest return on investment can be achieved.

✓ Supports business requirements, preferences and functions through intuitive personalization and a flexible, modern user experience.

✓ Fast and reliable implementation, with 24/7 support.

✓ It is a multilingual, multi-currency and multi-company solution designed to meet the needs of global manufacturers - today and in the future.

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